Aftermarket grill fitting wrong?

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Apr 8, 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne
mercedes c220 amg sport
Hey so I bought a grill off somebody online to go on my s204 tried to fit it and it looked crooked on my car but was fine on there's. They have a 2012 w204 mines a 2013 s204 is there anything different or was the grill maybe bent in transit. Thanks all

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Simply a poor fit? Personally I don't think the two examples are the same product, I could be wrong.
Wow so I have gone at it again This morning and pesto the problem was my own. All done now 1 end was sitting on a clip rather than clipping in.

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Very nice grill. I have the same one on my 2012 C180. Really makes it look a lot better than the stock grill. Nice job!
Nice job, good improvement over stock
I have also changed the alloys to 18s today bought off gumtree 2 where bent so had them fixed 2 needed new tyres

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neilrr said:

I understood it perfectly...

Yes, my apologies. Siri (an iPhone function) did not agree. (Laughing). The correct spelling, is 'Grille'. If you could kindly get over it, you sad gentleman. For gawd's sake.
You mean Pardon ? Or in your case pardon me would be more apt looking over all your snide one liner remarks ...happy..

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