Aftermarket headunit and sound system in CL (W215)

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Sep 26, 2012
W166 GLE350d
Hi all,

So I'm a bit bored with my CL as it is undriveable and the poor thing has just sat on the drive for 3 months so I'm thinking of doing a little project with it.

I figured as the factory sound system is completely pants and way out of date I could tackle this. Also the car is a lot louder than stock so I need something to drown out the racket of the engine/exhaust.

I have the standard COMAND headunit (newer style, not the split units of the 00-02) so I guess it is feasible to install a double DIN.

The car has the BOSE amp and sub, CD changer, Telephone and AUX-in.

Now, I'm looking to rip out all the BOSE junk and the CD changer, the AUX input will be reused as its there anyway I'll also try to reuse the SatNav antenna and Mic input if possible.

My questions are:
1. Can the steering wheel controls still work with an adapter
2. I assume the phone/radio/NAV screens will disappear on the instrument cluster (no loss) but I do assume the other screens will remain (mileage, vehicle options etc) without being connected to COMAND?
3. Anyone done this to share some tips?

Currently bought a lot of kit for my Jaguar X-Type (headunit, amp, speakers, sub, sound deadening etc) so the CL will be next once I've learned how to do it without blowing something up! :D

Thanks in advance. :thumb:

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