Aftermarket wheels on an SLK 350

Captain Twinky

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May 8, 2017
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Hi all.

I’m thinking about buying some aftermarket alloy wheels.

The car is a 2008 SLK 350.

It has 17” x 7.5J wheels on the front with 225/45/17 tyres.

The rears are 17” x 8.5J with 245/40/17 tyres.

Some of the wheels that I like come in a matching set of four. I haven’t enquired whether I’d be able to buy two of one width and two of another. Very few sets seem to have a staggered option. However, one set that I have seen are 7.5J on the front and 8J on the rear (so slightly narrower rear wheels than the standard ones).

My questions are, would fitting slightly narrower rear wheels cause any issues? Would it have any adverse effects on the handling and the drive? Would I still be able to use the 245/40/17 rear tyres on the slightly narrower wheels?

Any advice appreciated.


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