Aggressive stance - Tyres / Spacers - Help needed

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May 1, 2010
CLK55 AMG - E92 M3
So I have just bought some 19" Kleemann Alloys and will be having them fitted in a week or two, I just need to decide on the tyres and what spacers I need.

So heres where I need the help..

What size spacers do I need for the aggressive look?

Ref; tyres.. I was thinking 235/35/19 on the front and 265/30/19 on the back?

I just want the wider look at the back, Seen here on this S4


Anyone care to help me out?
You need to quote the full spec of the wheels this means rim width and hub offset = ET for starters
19" ET35 19x8.5 All Round

PCD 5X112
Maybe 10mm spacers Front/ 12mm spacers Rear?

Or maybe just 10mm on the rear? Alone.
235/35/19 and 265/30/19 are the sizes the Americans are recommending, however the maximum recommended width on an 8.5 wide wheel is 255.
(source: Visual Tyre Size Calculator | Kouki Tech)

In that case I'd go for 225 fronts and 255 rear, on an 8.5J rather than 235 and 255, to keep rolling radius as similar as possible. If it is possible to get 9.5J or even 10J rear Kleemans I would.
As for extremely wide tyres, our American friends have got 275s on the rear (without rubbing or "fender rolling" ) using certain Toyos.

Of course with mods like that anything is possible.

Hope that helps.
KLEEMANN TM5's are hard enough to come by as a set..let alone two rear ones on their own being 9.5J. Although I will keep a look out. And as a side note I plan to get some AMG two piece 18" staggered wheels In the future anyway, so just want these KLEEMANN alloys to look the best that they can.

Ive spoken to a lot of people and a few friends that have done the same thing with their wheels (put 265/30/19's on their 8.5 19's) and they say that they have had no problems.

So I'm going to go with 235/35-19 on the front and 265/30-19 on the back, I will see how they go and look to get some spacers in the very near future once I've worked out exactly what sizes I need.

I'll update with pictures once they are fitted.

Don't suppose anyone has any suggestions with regards to the size of the spacers?

Ohh and when you say "As for extremely wide tyres, our American friends have got 275s on the rear (without rubbing or "fender rolling" ) using certain Toyos."

Are you referring to a 8.5 x 19 alloy?

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