Air con puzzle


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Oct 30, 2010
Crewe, UK
Vito 110CDi W638
I have just fitted a new expansion valve, receiver drier and rad to my air con system, I have had it gassed at kwik fit (might be the problem), when the air con is on its not freezing cold enough to cool the cab (bearing in mind I have a bulkhead), but it does blow cool.

When observing it all operating from the engine bay, the radiator fan spins up, and it sounds like the compressor also cuts in as the engine revs drop, but they seem to run for about 10 seconds then switch off.

2 questions really,

1, Is it normal for these to spin up for such a short period and then stop?
2, Am I expecting too much from my dated air conditioning?


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May 5, 2011
W210 E220 CDi
Not too sure an a Vito, but on my E220 CDI if I look at the compressor pulley with the aircon switched off the centre of the pulley does not rotate but when the aircon is switched on the centre of the pulley rotates which indicates that the system thinks there is enough gas in the system for it to function correctly. The air in the cabin will only blow really cold if a) the temperature setting is on minimum or b) it is bl00dy hot then it will recirculate air automatically and try to match the temperature setting as quickly as poss ........ how long .... is a piece of string? Hope this helps.

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