Aircon conversion (R12 to R134a) - recommended specialists?

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Mar 14, 2007
1990 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC
I posted earlier about aircon troubleshooting, but thought I ought to start a new thread on this question...

Can anyone suggest or recommend a specialist to convert the aircon system of my 1990 560SEC from its original R12 to run on R134a?

I have to bite the bullet and do this, as my system is virtually empty and needs overhaul and leak-testing anyway. But I don't want to go down the road of using so-called "drop in" substitutes for the R12 that was in the circuit. A proper conversion involves draining and flushing the system, replacing the accumulator/drier, and replacing seals and hose-fittings, then putting in new oil and re-gassing with R134a. Has anyone with an R12 aircon system (ie pre-1995 cars approx) had this conversion done recently, and any comment on service/cost/etc?

Positive recommendations would be especially welcome...


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