Akmal17 Birthday

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Brian WH

MB Enthusiast
Aug 21, 2002
East Midlands
JAGUAR XF 3.0D Premium Luxury
Happy Birthday to a fellow W211 E320 CDI Tealite Blue Owner. :bannana: :bannana:
Enjoy the day/weekend, Akmal :bannana:
Thank You!

OMG, I never go to the off-topic section but today for some reason I did and what do I read? Akmal17 B,day....and im like....."that sounds like me" :D

Well, I guess its just another surprise to add to the other surprises ive had today :bannana: The best surprise had to be getting insured for a month :rock: but this was a nice surprise too :)

Thanks Brian (my fellow mate with an E320 CDI in Tealite blue AND grey leathers ;) ) and thanks to Jukie too...

EDIT: 100 posts as well :bannana:

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