Alloy wheel weight residue?

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Nov 21, 2023
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hello all,

I've looked at dozens of threads about this so sorry to be probably asking a dull question again!

I've just given my alloys a really good clean and they look way better, but there's still patches of the sticky residue from wheel weights left on them.

Does anyone have a foolproof (and ideally low effort) product / method to remove the sticky residue left over from where wheel weights were on alloy wheels? Picture attached (not my photo)

Acetone or similar works for me.....leave it a few seconds to soften the glue and polish it off. If you don't have any steal a ladies nail vanish remover which is mainly acetone.

EDIT...Beaten to it by faster typist!
haha thanks guys...not sure I've ever seen acetone in a shop but I'm sure I can procure some nail varnish remover
Use your favourite search engine to search for “toffee wheel”.

By far the quickest and easiest way to remove wheel weight residue.
You could get some glue and tar remover (GTR) which will also remove those small black tar spots all over the wheel, or if those black spots and not tar and are baked on brake debris, also some decent colour changing alloy wheel cleaner (rust/iron oxide remover). The latter usually being a purple in colour and turning bright red in the prescence of iron oxide it dissolves.
haha thanks guys...not sure I've ever seen acetone in a shop but I'm sure I can procure some nail varnish remover
Speak to your local friendly PVC/double glazing window installer/company they will have it available its what they use to clean down when they finish a job.
When I fitted windows for a short time between selling jobs we used Cif (called Jif back then!) to clean the frames of finger prints and glue marks after the job.....don't think I'd want to use that on an alloy wheel....bit abrasive!!
A cloth and some White spirit will probably get that off no bother.
WD40 would work, or a tar remover will do it too. Just let it soak via a towel and it should break it down and let you wipe the residue away. Could speed it up a little with a hairdryer as that'll soften it up a lot first, may even just peel off.

Same works for glue from badges etc.
1704964617107.png Ambersil label remover . I have seen this used and have used it myself for decades . It is used extensively in factories that use labelling machines as labels (100's of the bastard$) end up getting stuck on conveyors . It is citrus based . I always have a can of it in my workshop .
As above, petrol, its also good for removing double sided tape holding number plates on. Scape off the foam first or it gets a bit messy.
Try one of these.......

Not if you are tight like me....which is why mine is a Mac Allister (B&Q own brand label!) be fair its still going strong 20 years later!

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