Almost have my baby back...

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Sep 26, 2012
W166 GLE350d
It's been 7 months since I last drove my CL, combination of waiting on custom parts being fabricated and bad luck with a dyno.

However, after being dropped off early January at a local Mercedes specialist she is almost ready for a trip on a flatbed back to MSL for a full remap and unleashed again on the roads.

Lots of work has taken place, if you want to see the progress, click the link in my signature to my project log on MBWorld.

Anyway, thought I'd post up a few pics as she is almost finished. Vinyl guy is coming next week to apply gloss black vinyl over the chrome trim and they are going to give the car a machine polish.








As soon as the remap is done, it's off to a bodyshop to have the CF splitter and diffuser fitted and then throw the slicks in the boot and few bags of ice and up to 1/4 mile track. :D
Codger, love that video. "even the smoke smells expensive" lol

Taken mine to the track a couple of times, always just on Pilot Sport 3s though this time I'll have a set of slicks. :)

Starky; when I went down to pick up the car, the dyno at MSL was being serviced and needed a replacement part so it was a desktop map. Had lean codes etc so had to drive it gently home, I knew once the rest of the parts were fitted it needed remapped again so wasn't too fused to be honest.
I like ! More please .
Proper shed. :D

Let me know when you're down Marty, I'll give you another lift to the hotel ;)
Great project Martin. 7 months is not that long ;-)
Captain Smerc: Aside from the build thread, I don't have any more pics. I'll post up some when I have her back on the road in the next few weeks.

Dave: Thanks! Car will be towed down probably without me and I'll collect her once done, work is stupid this month. :(

Alex: Wouldn't have happened without you (and Dave, Chris and Lee convincing me)! Can't thank you enough for passing over the contacts and projects you had going on your CL - this build wouldn't have been what it was without the custom parts.

Would have been on the road by the end of January, had it not have been for my crazy to-do list to the MB specialist but at the end of the day good things always take time. :)

EDIT: Taking the X-Type to the 1/4 mile track tomorrow, gotta practice staging. Going to be a different experience in a stick shift. I stall it enough at traffic lights. lol
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All credit to you for making it happen.

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