Alternative route sat nav

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Feb 28, 2017
North Cambridgeshire
C-Class 200 Sport Premium
I've done a search on this subject but not found my answer in other posts so....

On long trips I often get a message saying ''Alternative route saving **** minutes''

It's taken me ages to suss out how to get to this but now I have and when it showed the route I was on yesterday and the alternate it was a longer route on the suggested one and obviously taking longer on their estimation!

What's your experience on this feature, it's a Garmin in a 17 reg C200.

Thanks. :D
Never had occasion to use it, but this is what the manual states:

Traffic on your route
When calculating your route, the navigation system examines
the current traffic and automatically optimises the route for the
shortest time. If a severe traffic delay of 15 minutes or longer
occurs on your route while you are navigating, your system
automatically recalculates the route.
The traffic notifications change colour to indicate the severity of
traffic conditions on your route or on the road you are currently
Your system may route you through a traffic delay if a better
alternative route does not exist. The delay time is added into
your estimated time of arrival automatically.
NOTE: the device recalculates to a faster route only when that
route will shorten the time of your trip by at least 15 minutes.
Alternative routes are not suggested when the Shorter Dist. or
Less Fuel route preference is enabled, when a route is modified
using the My Route feature, or when traffic avoidances are not
enabled. Traffic events are not avoided when the Shorter Dist.
or Less Fuel route preference is enabled. Only the estimated
If everyone using Garmin satnav is diverted to the alternative route won't the alternative now be congested instead?
When it says the ‘alternative route will save x minutes,’ hit the voice button and say ‘alternative route’ (or whatever the display says)

Mrs Ted worked that one out.
Yup, So lets all "let the train take the strain":(

The only thing taking the strain there is your wallet

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