Am I being thick ? W213 E200 SD-Card SatNav Update

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Oct 1, 2020
Got myself a 2019 E200 SE and it got the SD Card version of SatNat ... It currently has an SD Card in from 2018 / 2019 and based on the case for the SD Card it is an Audio 20 system and not Command (makes sense as SD Card).

Anyway, so I thought to get the most up to date maps I purchase the Mercedes Me Services for Maps and Live Traffic. Well here's the cookie. Now I read that the car doesn't have the module required for online updates. It also allows me to enable WiFi but guess what, no way to actually enable internet on it (so what's the point). Anyway, when I look inside the navigation options it tells me that my live traffic expired in April rather than what the app tells me (2025).

So does that mean the app allowed me to purchase maps that can't even be used on my car because it is a different map system ? If so I obviously have to check with Mercedes and ask for a refund, but the main issue here is - how DO I upgrade the SD Card maps ? It seems you can get new sd cards online directly from mercedes and depending on region they cost between £109 and OVER 500 !! for Africa and Asia for example.

So is purchasing a new SD Card the only way to upgrade rather than manually downloading the files ?

I read somewhere that the system might be from Garmin, but that doesn't work either. Then I see the live traffic is coming from Tom Tom ... so I am utterly confused.

Manual only tells me where to plug that SD Card in - not what to do if I want a newer version.

Any ideas ?
Mmm. reading this it seems it is a matter of buying a new sdcard

Yes you buy an "Update" card from MB, they were on back order a while ago, but maybe ok now. The live traffic is renewable via Mercedes me at a very expensive £119.
Right. So basically they shouldn’t have offered the online update given it can’t actually update online.
If you read it carefully it says "Navigation update" (which is the Live trafiic bit). It does not mention "Map updates". Confusing, you bet it is. Also if you buy a non genuine Map update SD card, after you have purchased "Live traffic", you will lose it.
So some updates (thanks all).

I rang a couple of dealers and they are as confused as I am. One insisted I require the Garmin update - which I explained is not the case. First, the Garmin was mainly in cars with that small screen on the dash but I got the smaller version of the Command. But also the system as specified on the old map box from 2019 is Audio 20 NRG 5.5. Also based on the fact the current version says Tom Tom Live Traffic shows again that it isn't the Garmin one.

So yes, there are two main versions that can be purchased from the dealer

- SD Card Navigation / Update
- SD Card Garmin Navigation / Update

I need the former. The accessories website does actually give the correct part number (£106) but the main issue is - the part number shows in the dealer system as C-Class only. So they weren't 'as convinced'. By the time they got around it I ordered one from Germany so that should be here any day now.

As for the update on the Mercedes Me app that confused me, you are correct @Delderek but there's more to it - as it turns out.

Garmin was put in the car until November 2021 - but mine is a 2019 so it SHOULD have had the Garmin, but it does not.

Also the app does not just do Live Traffic as it turns out.

It also das Parking with Navigation, Weather Map, Local Search and Car to X Communication (Cars talk to each other to figure out traffic etc.)

Now what STILL confused me was the fact that my current version says live traffic is expired despite me having had the update for Live Traffic. And that apparently is because the version installed is so old, it doesn't know yet that live traffic has been moved to Mercedes Me. So as soon as the SD Card arrives from Germany ALL THAT should be fixed ...

Hope that helps others too - because I did see quite a few 'how the F to I update this' threads here :)
old map box from 2019 is Audio 20 NRG 5.5. Also based on the fact the current version says Tom Tom Live Traffic shows again that it isn't the Garmin one. If your navigation maps were working with that card, then audio 20 is what you have, not Comand. Tom Tom live traffic is used with audio 20 Garmin. It sounds to me as though the existing card you are using is indeed a non genuine one. Creating problems with Tom Tom live traffic activation.
Unless it is a really good fake, it is original (branded).

Well I guess I’ll find out if the new OEM non Garmin update works. As I say. This is what the official merc website says.
@Delderek Def. not Garmin - despite the age of the car meaning it should be.

Here both initial sd card and update card




Hello @Jibbajabba Can you kindly let me know where did you that update 2020/21 as I'm exactly in the same situation and i cannot find this update SD karte. My car is 2019 W213 with wide screen, audio 20 and I have exactly the same old SD card of 2019. Appreciate if you could kindly help me or point me in the right direction. Thanks,

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