Am i missing something obvious????


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Jan 19, 2014
merc xk
Hi Guys,

Am begging for some help regarding my 2007 E320 100,000 miles, am sure i am missing something obvious, but can't for the life of me fathom it out, here goes with my tale of woe again.

About 6 weeks ago one of my E320's developed the limp home mode, no engine light on.

Put the car on the diagnostics to confirm it had been struck down with our favourite P2513 inlet motor fault, so i removed it and the manifolds, cleaned and refitted the manifolds, replaced the motor........cleared the fault codes.....bloody thing still in limp mode same code showing......motor and flaps moving correctly.

Have messed around for the last few weeks, but still no joy.

Any way trying different things to narrow done the fault, i have disconnected the flaps, and tried the wire resistor trick (just incase i had a dodgy new motor). I used a quarter watt and 4.7k resistor (tried a few different resistors incase i had a faulty one)

Car still stays in limp mode, our beloved P2513 has gone (not current or pending), but has been replaced with P2530 (engine light on)....still a code involved in the inlet motor valve operation i believe.

I have 2 of these identical cars, the only difference i can see between the 2 is a possible blockage........if i remove the PCV heater on the working car i can blow down it no problem, however the limp mode car when i blow down the same it is blocked solid...not sure what this feeds ?????

Any advice on what to do/check next would be appreciated, as you can see i have tried almost everything i can think of.

Many thanks for reading my plea for help.



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