AMG 18 Inch Split Rim refurb finish advice

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Jun 7, 2007
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Hi all,

I'm asking Lepsons for a quote to refurbish my AMG 2 piece 18 inch split rims. I bought the wheels last year and they have been repainted by the past owner.

Does anyone know the original finish? Is it painted face and polished rim or painted face and diamond cut rim, or another.

Are either of these finishes a good idea or will they just start peeling etc sooner?

I love the polished rim look, but don't fancy refurbing every couple of years!

Any advice would be great. I know a few of you have these wheels on your R129.



Great choice in Lepsons.

Ask their opinion before making a decision. They do some finishes that mimic polished that are A1.

I had my rims done in their brilliant silver metallic. They also do a variety of chrome finishes.

Try to avoid diamond cut. It invariably ends in tears.

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Thanks for your advice Bruce.

I have had an email from Lepsons, saying that the original finish is Straight Silver for the centre and a diamond cut rim.

I think for the price that it will cost, I don't want milky, peeling lacquer on the diamond cut in a year or two, so I will get them painted.

They have suggested the Nickel Chrome paint for the rim, but I'm worried that this will this look a bit too 'Bling'?! I could just get the wheels painted fully in straight silver, but I do like a bit more shine on the rims, especially as they are staggered.

Any other thoughts from the forum? Has anyone had the same or similar wheel refurbed before?


Painting the dishes on split rims never quite looks right, unless you're looking for a deliberately painted finish (i.e. not silver). Been there, done that.



The painted finish just doesn't have the same pop. Either go with the diamond cut, or a polished finish, and then keep on top of the maintenance. A nanocoat such as GTechniq will help here.
Thanks Doodle,

Lepsons do say that their Nickel Chrome is a polished look and it does look good in their pics. I'm just a bit worried that the rims will look a bit too 'bling'! Yours look good though.

I would go for diamond cut, but I want more longevity. They haven't offered a pure polished option, only a chrome / polished paint.

So it's either diamond cut and seal, but then stones will still chip the lacquer and i'll have to refurb again in a couple of years no doubt.

This is why I'm thinking paint, but I don't want straight silver all over, as the wheels do need a bit of a wow factor.

Confused! :)
So it's either diamond cut and seal, but then stones will still chip the lacquer and i'll have to refurb again in a couple of years no doubt.

I have the standard painted centres and diamond cut / lacquered rims. I'm very careful with the wheels ... no chip/scratches etc. ... but I still have slight 'spidering' developing under the lacquer where the rim piece meets the centre. I assume this is moisture wicking in from the back of the wheel.

It's only in some places and pretty minor (definitely not worth refurbing yet), but annoying as the wheels are immaculate otherwise. I would probably skip the lacquer next time and accept the maintenance. I already wipe the chrome tips on the AMG back box clean every time it goes back in the garage :eek:
Unfortunately you'll get exactly the same result if the paint chips, although it might be a little more resistant.

Modern sealants mean that a polished finish is far easier to keep on top of than it used to be.
I had a set of AMG's refurbed and the diamond cut rim was painted over - I regretted it from day one. It may help if you only ran the diamond cut wheels in the summer and swapped for winter wheels to preserve the finish but also be aware they can only be diamond cut so many times before the wheel strength starts to get compromised.


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