Amg extended mercedes warranty

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Mar 12, 2016
A handful of Amg cars.
Interested to know how many people actually claim on their warranty or do most renew just for peace of mind?
On your W210?
Something I'd like to hear about too- my car's warranty will expire in October so I'm wrestling with the usual choices- MB Warranty (hideously expensive potentially although I dont have a quote yet), other warranties (I've had quotes from 460 a year to 2k), or a slush fund and fingers crossed approach...
I've claimed on my current MBT1 warranty once.

I will see what the renewal is before deciding come expiry.

If it is 3 figures, I could well be tempted.

Anything more, then at best, highly unlikely!
I've always put the amount the warranty costs (c£1k) into some form of "slush fund" as opposed from giving it to a company that need it less than I do. If you have to use it, fair enough, if not then it's a bonus. The last car I put an extended warranty on was my W211 E55, which was a good while ago.

Having said that, mine may not be covered by much on a warranty nowadays as so many things have changed on it, so I just try to keep well in with MSL. :D

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