AMG half day Experience

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Nov 21, 2009
SL55 AMG/C180 K
Apparently you get to drive 3 different AMGs for 3 hours with an instructor in various circuits/scenarios to learn handling. I would like to do this to learn much more how to control my car better.

Has anyone does this who can explain some detail of what goes on??
So, nobody; I'm sure I read somewhere that it was a valuable experience!?
Is this MB event similar to Brooklands MB world?
I did one a while ago, i.e. a couple of years ago.

It was an hour in an E63 and then a half hour in my choice of AMG available at the time, I chose an SL65. Think the format has changed.

The first part was basically a sales presentation on the benefits of ABS and ESP, then a quick session on the skid pan but not enough time to get the hang of it.

Not too sure I would do it again to be honest, great venue though...


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Got in touch with MB World & the experience is held in Surrey; their explanation as follows...

"With the half day experience, this is a multiple car experience. You will get to drive up to 3 different AMG vehicles for an hour each whilst on your experience. At Mercedes Benz World, our circuit consists of 2 handling circuits, a dynamic straight area and also the wet skid circle. During your 3 hours, you will get to experience all aspects of our track in much detail, being able to master a drift on the circle, handling our corners at high speed, and our driver will be able to guide you based on your current vehicle and give you tips and advice. It will be a great experience to further hone in your skills with your SL55 AMG. We could also look to use 1 during your experience, subject to availability and never guaranteed."

They confirmed that I get to drive 3 hours with up to 3 AMGs, it sounds very exciting & intuitive as I would like to learn to handle my car better. At £ 425.00(off peak)

Now interested in any one who has recently attended to hear his/her thoughts??
I have done the hr course before. Fun but didn't learn anything. 3 hrs would be more fun but not sure if I would learn much more.

Spend 400 for 4 hrs at car limits in yours much better investment you will learn loads guarantee it

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