AMG Private Lounge Collection Hat Giveaway

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May 8, 2010
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Found from AMG Private Lounge.

With the continued interest in a specific AMG Private Lounge collection of branded merchandise in mind, we are proud to offer members a free official AMG Private Lounge branded hat. We have produced a new version of the AMG Private Lounge hat, featuring carbon fiber inserts on the bill and strap. This hat is exclusive to AMG Private Lounge members and is not available for purchase.

We are happy to make 1000 hats available for our AMG Private Lounge Members on a first come, first-served basis starting today at 5 p.m. (GMT)......

Just need to log in to your own AMG PL account to obtain email to send info to.

Just thought this could be of interest to some AMG owners....

Don't forget the difference between GMT and BST so you can do this at 1600!
Sorry guys... Meant to say its already started!
First 1000 request worldwide. Get yours ASAP!

Closing when they reach 1000 request or 4th Oct 2016.
Cheers, applied. I got the ridiculously large calendar last year through this.
Hows it started when it says starting 5pm GMT Today? which is 4pm UK.

Just asking as I haven't seen any other info

Ah right ok makes sense, actually started Friday maybe I should've read the whole thing.

Looks like the AMG PL may be down for maintenance at the moment.
Will we get a email acceptance ?
Will we get a email acceptance ?

Not sure. I am sure they must be screening through the LARGE number of emails through the weekend come Monday to see who has made the 1000 cut off.

Keeping fingers crossed!

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