AMG side skirts C-coupe CL203

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Jul 2, 2008
2011 E350Cdi Estate Auto
AMG side/sill skirts for a C-class coupe wanted, please

Skirts still wanted- either singly or as a pair please :)

(bumpers being fitted imminently, so don't want car to look odd for too long!)
Don't sweat on the side sills Matt - i have parked my car next to a coupe with the full AMG kit at the local stealers, and they look absolutely identical. At the parts counter they tried to convince me there was more of a curve to them - but stood right infront of both, i really couldn't tell at all.
That's really good to know, thanks.
The existing ones will have to do anyway, as no one has any used ones & judging by aftermarket prices, I expect them to cost in region of £400 up +vat from MB! That would almost be more than my combined cl203 mods so far!
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Got car back yesterday with AMG bumpers fitted. :D

Can confirm that standard skirts look fine & do not look out of place against the AMG bumpers :bannana:

Will try to sort out pics sometime..
Nice one - looking forward to the pics.
Did you take those pics Smatt ?
I did & I loaded them up badly into a thread, which was shifted to the gallery. It didn't work very well, so I had it removed.
I just need to get round to loading them into an album...

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