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Discussion in 'Spotted on eBay!' started by GLK, Mar 11, 2017.

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    Sep 20, 2014
    Bozeat, Northants
    A200 Sports Coupé C169
    Not on eBay, but on AliExpress, at very reasonable prices, and for both MB types of pedals - personally bought two sets already, first for my car, and the second one - just to use the accelerator pedal as a footrest - worked out great, and I have a spare brake pedal as a bonus.

    Type I (A/B/ML/GL/GLK etc):

    for W169 / W245 with no foot-operated parking brake this two-piece set will do:

    Type II (C/E/S/CL/CLK/CLS etc):

    Had a genuine OE set in my old W168, and can't tell the difference, to be perfectly honest.


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