And it all went blank

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by artyman, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. artyman

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    Mar 4, 2011
    C 200 CDI Sport
    No not my mind, though that does happen on occasions, the speedo, rev counter and fuel display on my C Class was just blank. So stop a bit down the road turn off and hope that a reboot will sort it.. No..... so a vVisit to Prestige in Horndean who diagnose a faulty cluster, they price up one from MB ( in Germany and five days away!!! ) £1020 +VAT that sort of news is not good for my health. They then say that there is a local firm who can probably fix it for a few hundred ( heart rate returns to normal) the cluster is removed in less time than I can I can possibly imagine, some sort of sleight of hand I guess, it would take me a day at least.

    I find a speedometer app for my smartphone so at least I have some idea how fast I'm going and fix it in the gaping hole in the dashboard with some careful application of blue tack. It suffices for that evening as I went to play guitar at a pub in Bournemouth. A call next day says that it's fixed and a visit has it reinstalled with the same efficiency that it came out. Once again thanks to the Ollie and the guys at Prestige for relieving my anxiety, top notch service once again.
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    Same thing happened to my w204.

    Had the cluster replaced at the dealer for £1,500 all in!

    Fortunately MB contributed 50%
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  3. toolman1954

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    Some quality thinking there, utilising modern technology to overcome a VOR situation (Vehicle Off Road ).:thumb:

    It would be an interesting concept for someone to create a specific Mercedes " App " with all the vital readings, speed, rpm, fuel, temp etc etc that you can download onto a 10" Tablet and stick into the hole that was once your dashboard. I know there is Torqueflow and others but we are talkng a mirror image of a mercedes dashboard. Just idle thoughts ......??


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