angry woman abusing garage owner

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Unacceptable behaviour

I'm afraid that constitutes assault in anyone's book no matter how angry or frustrated the woman is.:(
Problem is we don't know the full story. If the garage are using her property to store their wheelie bin then she has a point but rather than getting upset she should set fire to it and wheel it back into their place :devil:
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Sorry but her behavior is co0mpletely abhorrent regardless what her issue is with the garage.

I hope the police did turn up and arrest her.
Hilarious .... she sounds like a pikey with a house.

Wait till she's gone out and then epoxy up her door locks ...
Howard, you are beginning to worry me :crazy: seems like super glue is your friend :D:devil:

posted in jest
I'd have smacked the bitch regardless of consequences

Its a terrible thing to say buy some people need a good slap to make them realise their can be a bad re-action to their actions.........I have never and would like to think i would never hit a woman, but i can see sometimes how their is domestic abuse.
Our current climate makes us frown upon violence, but their is some instances where it is the most effective way to resolve an incident.Just my opinion

The fuse has been lit.................:devil:
He should have put her in the wheelie bin and then (as Howard mentioned) glued it shut.......:D:D

In all seriousness she is a stupid TWIT (polite version)....but her punishment is for the world to now see how silly she is.
I think the lad was very marks to him.:thumb:
I agree. He has far more patience than me. I have to admit the red mist would have decended with me after about 20 seconds of that rubbish.:thumb:
Pikey with a house, i like it:D

Hes lucky she didnt have the hots for him she would suffocate him and probably break his back:)

It REALLY annoys me that (some!) women think they can do what they like without anything coming back to them. At least it was all on tape :D

I'm guessing that second man was the freaks husband - he wasn't exactly doing much to help now was he? I'd say I feel sorry for him if he was doing more to stop her acting like a complete spoilt brat, but he wasn't, so to him I say: "Ha, sucks to be you and to be married to that!"

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