Annual merry go round

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May 17, 2006
We've just done our renewal for this year - I was with LV and SWMBO was with Churchill.

Some comments:

- I checked new quotes against the renewals (which were about 20% higher than last year) and all the new quotes were higher than the renewals. My impression is that DLG insurance like Churchill and Privilege are less competitive this year with online quotes).

- LV offered a multicar option online which offered a small discount on the new online quote

- Both LV and Churchill when called by phone dropped a bit on the renewal pricing.

We decided to go with LV for SWMBO because their new online quote was a bit lower than Churchill.

That's where things became interesting. We phoned them. The telephone quote to add SWMBO's car to my LV policy - as opposed to the new online quote was significantly cheaper than the new online quote pricing. Not a small discount - but close to 50% vs any online quote.

I think the insurance game has changed a bit.

- renewals are more competitive than they used to be - presumably because of the rules on renewal pricing
- online new quotes are less competitive - both comparison and direct quotes
- DLG group companies are less competitive - possibly related to their problems and drop in share price
- as a cynic I suspect the underlying game is to up the new quotes to convince customers that increased renewals are competitive with comparison site fees/commissions being incorporated into both comparison site offers and direct online pricing.

My suspicion is that the balance between service for online vs phone has shifted.

- phoning got immediate small renewal reductions
- phoning got much better multicar deal
- phones were answered very quickly by both LV and Churchill

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