Another 500E/E500 124 Thread

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and this one:



I am really missing a V8 ... even if fuel prices are high
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Please pardon my ignorance.. why are these cars so expensive?
I remember seeing one of these at the meet... was thoroughly impressed. I really like these cars and the S-class version that looks like this too. its the main reason i got a 202.. :)
Cheap thrills though...

Quite the opposite, very possibly wallet crippling bills. When I started looking I had a colleague look at 4 for me in Germany, all 4 he walked away from in a few minutes. The rear struts for example, if the fluid is not changed in the SLS system or the rear spheres (Like on Citroens) which are the shock absorber are damaged and not replaced quickly, the rear struts need replacing. They can't be rebuilt and will cost 2/3rds the price of that car alone in just parts. A known service history is a must. There are some gems out there for very good prices but it depends on what you want to do with the car.

I paid a fair price for a very early car. Closed deck block, better finishing etc.

They command the prices they do for a few reasons.

The car was unable to be built as a RHD example due to the placement of the servo and master cylinder.
This isn't just an engine change, bodywork was changed, along with metal thickness in the bulkhead, geometry changes, suspension changes.
It was at the time the most powerful version of the M119 engine, more powerful than the SL500, the 500E had 326hp and 354lbs of torque.
Hand built and very labour intensive. Built at the porsche factory on the same line as the RS2 and the 959.
It's a german muscle car.

Personally, I love the looks and love the way it drives. It lost the aggresiveness when the facelift happened and a certain edge.

As pointed out there are cheap ones on, but many of them are rough examples.

The other time bomb on these cars is the bio degradeable wiring need to check that its been replaced.....I was lucky that when I had my 500E the previous owner had had to replace the harness when it shorted out and in the process it fried the coil packs and ECU' cost of replacement was £3750...ouch!

Fabulous cars to own and built very well......wiring harness being the
and this one:

I am really missing a V8 ... even if fuel prices are high

They must have restarted producing this model, this example must be directly from the factory, a 15 year or so old car would not look like that even if it was not driven at all after delivery.
The W124s are still in production in india, you can buy them brand new for around £9000 (once you've converted the currency). I believe they are manuals though, E200 - E280 is as far as I know off.
Ian I'll talk to you more about it on Thursday :)

car now sold! price has become POA instead of £16k

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