Another Darwin special

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I tried, but I couldn't read all 13 pages:rolleyes:
Ahhh my heart swells with pride to be from South East London...
"black nev dropped a load of bricks on his swede"

I'd sign up just to point and laugh, but they're Millwall fans and I quite like my blood on the inside, thanksverymuch :D

We need to copy this idea :D
This story made it into print in todays METRO, apparently the thread got 500,000 'hits' so far.
Is it about that nancy game?
Interesting use of the queens english. Do our mods delete the posts with the same language or are we a wee bit less heated.
I have really grown to like Stuwall over the last few pages - even if he does support Millwall!! lol :thumb:
Comedy I started reading it I imagined a bunch of tough, streetwise lads out of a Guy Ritchie the thread develops it turns into Terry Thomas in a 1950's Ealing comedy.

+1 for Big Sean's idea too.

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