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Jul 27, 2023
North Yorkshire
2016 E220 SE Premium Plus Bluetec estate
Good morning all, a new member here. New to this particular forum, that is, but already on a couple of other motoring forums.

Not new to Mercedes either, I bought my first one, a 2002 C220 estate, new over 20 years ago and have since owned a 2003 C220 saloon (also from new), a 2005 V6 CDI E320 saloon and most recently a 2016 S212/W212 estate. This is a late W212, an E220 SE Premium Plus Bluetec Euro 6 that I bought in March.

It's just home from a 4-week road trip from the top corner of North Yorkshire, through England, France and Spain and into Portugal where we spent a fortnight enjoying heatwave Cerberus on the Algarve before returning via a different route back through Spain and France. 4000 miles (in 11 days on the road) and the car never missed a beat, even in the 45°C heat of Seville.

Hopefully I'll be able to contribute but initially I'll be asking a few questions!
Hi and welcome. Did you bring some cider back from Brittany 😇
Never quite reached Brittany (although we were in neighbouring Lower Normandy on the way down. But I did manage to sink a few in all three countries.

I had to. It was too hot for coffee at breakfast....
Sound like you had a great trip, good to get back though for a proper pint and a fry up.

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