Another Trackday, but with Brighton AMG center

ricky s

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Feb 26, 2008
Hi, as most of you already know, the MB Club UK, namely this forum has been organising a couple of trackdays under our own stream, to which we do have 1 no. vacancy on our final date of Saturday 13th August that we are looking to fill, anyone intrested in filling this spot and joining the rest of us....?

what brings me to post a new thread, is having spoken to the Brighton AMG center this morning, re; a trackday they have organised, CSR and myself already booked on this, they have today had 2 no. people drop out, and whilst I am more focussed to deal with our own day, I said I would ask to weather anyone wants to attend this trackday, its on Tuesday 2nd August at Goodwood, it includes lunch and its a subsidised £300 for the day. Its as our own day, 25 cars max, 5 cars a session, car to be within 105DB noise/sound test, and there will also be 6-8 different AMG cars for road testing should you wish. (I know, would have been good to track them, but alas, road test only...!) so would be an informative and enjoyable day out. I have been on three of these Brighton days, their good fun, should anyone be intrested please PM me, and I will furnish you the contact details.

regards Rick

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