Another W202 Key Problem

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Sep 14, 2004
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Seems like quite a while since I don't start a thread in a tech section! I guess my car's been pretty reliable ;)

I went to pay some bills, got home, locked the car then realised I forgot the house keys in the car... press the button to open the doors and nothing happens...

I've checked the key, holding the button pressed a few seconds gives me a reassuring red led flash, which tells me the batteries are happy... I have a red flashing led on the door, which warns me that if I open the car with the key, I'll be greeted by a siren...

Any ideas? I need to look for my spare key, which should be somewhere... but does anyone have any advice? (Other than change the key's batteries... will do that asap though)

Update: Disconnected the battery, waited 30 minutes then reconnected it.

The spare key works, the key I usually use doesn't... I'm going to buy new batteries, but I forgot how to resync the fob to the car... can anyone remind me?

Was it unlock, full steering lock to the left then key in ignition for 30 seconds?

Have you got the lights in the mirror? you will have to point at the RVM and press it twice, then stick the key into the ignition and go to pos 2 within 30secs.
good luck
That's what I couldn't remember ;)

Yups, two leds in the mirror...


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