AntiVirus Software Advice please :)

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Jun 1, 2006
A **** heap
hi im looking into purchasing some antivirus software, but it is a mine field
out there!! has anyone got any recommendations or advice?

would be looking to have the software on 3 dell laptops, if that helps in anyway.

thanks all
I have several Dell laptops and run Norton 360 on them. It's a 3 user licence so good from that point of view as far as your concerned.

Current version is very good, covers all the bases and has addressed the 'resource hog' issues which were levelled at previous versions.
AVG is free and works as good as paid for ones.
Ive got avg, spybot and zone alarm on mine, all free and no problems so far
Have been using Norton Interenet Security for the last 5+ and have never even looked at any other software. The new 2009 version has just been released and has been improved even further. Deffo my next pick and would deffo reccomend to anyone looking for a AntiVirus and Internet security package.

Ad Aware SE (home use)

Hate the Norton stuff always asks for renewal after the year and if you don't it seems 'stuff' happends as if they send a bug.....

Some of the FREE stuff is very good, just be sure to either set to autoatic updates or run an update check regularly as any are only as good as the latest update :)
Never trust free anti-virus software. I dont care what ANYONE says.

Webroot do a good package that includes everything. Anti-virus, antispyware and a very good firewall. And if you buy it over 3 years is good value as well.
i have tried norton slowed computer right down
avg detects trojans but trojan remover does recognise them and i scan every day
avira much the same as avg
i use spyware doctor with antivirus and it is brill takes care of everything but it is your chose all pretty good but free antivrus nothing is ever free if so why isn't norton not free with 1 year subscription
Having used Norton and Macafee i am now a confirmed AVAST user its free auto updates and works well , no viruses in over 2 years and i occasionally visit dodgy sites;)

I find the two paid ones i used spread all over the pc and slowed it right down , i dont even realise Avast running
Another vote for AVG.
I've got a genuine Norton SystemWorks 2002 disc which came with my old Mesh 'pooter. Every year, I uninstall then reinstall it and have enjoyed free auto updates and protection ever since. Am I doing something wrong here?

The machine got severe indigestion when I tried AVG for a week or so when Norton was last due for "renewal". :(
I've been building and maintaining my mates pc's for years, i've always installed AVG free on em and it works pretty good, at least as norton which can cause some very odd things to happen to your pc, the newest AVG 8 is being a bit of a pain though, seems to run scans at random and be hard to shut down occasionally although it may have been fixed as recently it seems to be behaving itself again.
Another converted Avast user here - after it found trojans not detected by AVG on my daughters laptop.

I ran Avast on my own PC and it found a few undesirable files that whilst not dangerous were still unwanted.
I stick to NORTON on all my systems, and friends systems...

If its free - there must be a reason. Symantec invest lots into development and to keep ahead of the game/pounce on anything new out there.

As with all apps - only install the portions you need....

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