Any advice for trying to to insure a modified C55

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Feb 3, 2015
2009 335i DCT
Hi all.

Looking to do a quote on Benzedup's old C55, with the mods on it, are there any companies I should be trying?

I used sky, chris knott, and Adrian flux in the past with my Type R's, but I always had 1 years NCB on those cars.

At the mo im just using compare sites, and there crappy ways off adding mods.
Mine's with Privilege.

All mods declared and a total of under £700 fully comp Class 1 business use.

Flux were double the figure, and Chris Knott wouldn't quote due to the power increase. They'll go to an extra 100bhp according to a message I got from them apparently. :(
For a modified C55 - Forget the comparison sites.
Are there any specialists for your occupation - e.g NFU, CSMA Etc ?
Otherwise - Peter Best, and a couple of others whose names escape me at the moment.
Cheers guys, yeah the compare sites are pretty useless when it comes to a few mods.

Managed to get insured with Sky, for a very good price, used them years ago when I had a Integra DC5 import, so pretty happy, all mods declared, which are coilovers, painted wheels, and carbon interior trim.

That's pretty good with Privilege Dave, surprising.
That's pretty good with Privilege Dave, surprising.

Yeah, they rob me on the Jeep and other things though so they're happy. :doh:

Seriously, I've been with them a good few years and they've always managed to beat any serious competition. No complaints, but there again, no claims... :eek:
Sky did a mirrored no claims on my C55 as my main no claims is on another car.
Thanks for the update.
It's always good to know who will mirror NCB
Thanks for the update.
It's always good to know who will mirror NCB

I think there is a lot of "it depends".

My Boxster is insured with Markerstudy via A Plan. They wouldn't mirror the no claims as the C55 isn't 'specialist' enough and has too many doors. Sky would mirror with the same underwriter!!!
I'm with Sky mate. 27 with 2 years NCB. £750

Eurocharged map
Quaife diff
Try competition car insurance . They might even mirror your NCB if you ask them nicely or second car .

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