any app / ebay search website developers about?

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    got an idea for a function that we have needed / required several times now, yet doesnt appear to exist. Im sure we are not the only ones.

    an analogy:

    you want a car, 2003 to 2006 year. but autotrader makes you search for 2003, or 2004, etc and its listed as 2003, '03, 12 years old, a 53 plate etc. the possibilities are endless and unless you search in the format that has been used (ie 2003 not '03 or 53) you wont find that car. Obviously its not quite this example, but its a close analogy.

    anyone want to develop it?

    pm me?
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    I looked at developing something similar a couple of years back. The idea being to track price movements for specific vehicle classes across a number of sites: Ebay, AutoT, indies, dealers and manufacturers. Sort of like a real time Glass Guide.

    So for example, the system could show trends for E Classes, including av selling price, lowest, highest etc - all within a set of parameters such as year, min/max mileage and so on.

    I also wanted to add alerts against vehicles or classes of vehicles - allowing users to be alerted when a certain spec vehicle was available for a target price. Amazon do similar for some of their sellers allowing them to remain competitive against other Amazon sellers.

    The tech is fairly simple and we do something similar in other areas. The problems start with the terms and conditions of the websites you want to 'scrape'. Most prevent any use of their data without written consent and given all but the cheapest are more expensive, very few want their non-competitive pricing to be revealed in an aggregated environment for all to see.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the above Guy.


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