Any c63 maps that wouldn't effect Warranty ?

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Feb 7, 2017
Seen a Renntec box on a A45 that just is easily removed
None that i am aware of, Every kind of tune that is applied is detectable based on the flash counter and log on the ECU.

I too have been looking for a mercedes approved style enhancement. Possibly something that works within tolerance that could apply the DR520 map or a 507 map to my performance pack plus.

Brabus do the B63 tune, and B63s tune for our cars, I have heard that some mercedes dealers e.g. brooklands do honour the warranty if purchased through them and applied by them.

Hopefully someone can shed some more light.
Brabus map is the only one that Mercedes would honor the warranty...but you pay for that privilege as i am sure it is crazy money and produces less power than a Eurocharged map would.
As above the Brabus tuning box is the only one MB sanction and comes with a mileage limited warranty, not the original MB new car warranty

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