Anybody else hate this guy?

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Feb 25, 2017
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He's made a successful career, without resting on ridiculously handsome looks, so credit to him.
I wouldn't say hate but I can't stick him and paddy Macginess don't think any of them are even remotely funny
As "Smithy" in "Gavin and Stacey" I thought he was funny. As he co-wrote the series, he's no doubt also talented.

As an author - well, I read the book, but it wasn't exactly the best book I read that year.

As a presenter - well, let's just say that he's not to my taste.

Hate - no. I'm saving my hate for someone who really deserves it...
Funny how people have different sense of humour

I think he is terrific
I simply don't understand what people find funny about him along with Jimmy Carr and Michael McIntyre.
The only time I've ever laughed at Jimmy Carr was when the taxman got involved.
I find him deeply irritating. Whenever he acts, presents or interviews he's simply playing himself all the time. A bit like Dame Maggie Smith or Ricky Gervais. Everything is always the same.
I am unmoved by him.
See what I mean

You lot have no sense of humour....
Haha lolololol

What do you mean no sense of humour. I take great offence to that and am reporting you to KILLER and Druk. You'll get banned for that !

You know I'm kidding don't you.
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Humour is age related,these new wave comedians are not funny they march up and down the stage and shout at their audience,but then I am a dinosaur,what makes me laugh,well jokes like," came home last night and 3 men are beating up the mother in law,a neighbour said are you going to help,I said no 3 should be enough",the one man I cannot stand on TV is Tiff Needell I have never liked him,quiet why eludes me.

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