Anybody use REDEX system cleaner? ('green' vs. 'red' label REDEX)

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Dec 24, 2004
W202 C220 CDi
Daft question coming up - you've been warned :p

I bought some REDEX. Now, when buying, I had a choice of 2. The red label is designe for petrol cars and the green label for cars with injectors.....I bought the green? Is that right? Does a 420SE have injectors? :eek:

Yes Sir.
So I did buy the right one then, is that correct? :)
Shouldnt do any harm though, AFAIK most are generic.

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I noticed that in Halfords there were 3 types - green, red and blue bottle, the blue designed for diesel, which thankfully mine isnt :D
The PETROL one is for petrol engines and the DIESEL one is for diesel engines.

Takes a bit of working out you know :)
i know that BUT......there are 2 for the petrol engine ;) the red and the green one ;)

doesn't matter....i've bunged some of it in already :)
Are you sure

I used redex as a petrol additidive on my last car and swore by it but when I bought my CLK 320 the owners manual said not to use I did not........but I miss it...........can I now use it?


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