Anyone an expert on M273 engine?

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Jan 17, 2016
The early idler gears teeth wear out. As there is no balance shaft on the m273 and it is literally a timing chain idler gear. Why can't this simply be done in situ? Remove the cam covers, remove the the timing chain case cover, undo the tensioner, would this not leave enough room to be able to slide the gear off and slide the new one on?
Yes it's just a gear and can be done in situe. Many including myself still prefer to remove the engine.
M272 and M273 engines are pretty user friendly on removal and refitting

Thanks, I'm not under any time constraints with my ramp time as would rather not have to start buying a hoist etc.

If the timing chain is left connected and the tensioner is removed is there enough slack to replace that toothed gear on it's own?
Yes you should be able to do that.
Be careful and Mark everything, as they are fiddly to time back up first time round.

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