Anyone attending "Classic, Vintage and Sports Car Show" at Tatton park, Cheshire?

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Feb 14, 2009
Sorry - should have stated the date in the title - it is this weekend 20-21 Aug.

I have a friend who is going along on Sat with his Toyota (boring!).

Are any of you folks planning on attending? I gather there will be 70 car clubs at the event, including Mercedes.

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I might be going, to be honest I was going to wait and see how the weather is. Nowhere near as enjoyable when walking round in the rain.
I might go, whats the difference between the car entry charge and individual ticket charges as it doesnt say on the site?

I think the "car entry" fee may be if your car is on show? Otherwise if you are just a visitor would imagine parking to be free and just the admission fee of £7.50 per person payable but I am not certain!
£7.50 each entry and £5 car park charge Cheshire Auto Promotions :: Classic Car Shows

PUBLIC ADMISSION DETAILS & OPENING TIMES 9am - 4pm; Adults £7.50; Youngsters 10-15 yrs £5; Children U-10 FREE. Entry to Park & Parking £5 per car..

Its a good forecast for Sunday so I'll be heading there, should be a good day out. :)

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