Anyone been to Sardinia?

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Mar 12, 2006
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As we are a widely travelled bunch on here, I thought it was worth asking the question.

It's my other half's birthday in a couple of weeks, and as it's a big one (I won't tell you which, in case she's listening ;)) I've said I'll take her away somewhere nice, involving sunshine (hopefully) and pampering.

So, today I've booked up a week in Cagliari, at what looks like a nice hotel (, it has a spa and so on for the aforementioned pampering.

I've also booked a car so that we can go out exploring. It looks as though the east coast has quite a lot to offer, but has anyone been there and have any pointers? Any advice much appreciated.


Just spent my 4th Holiday there in Sardinia... Stunning place. Although i stop in the northern part of the island i know of people who have waited a long time for certain villas in the south. The beaches are great..

If your hiring a car, be careful of local drivers.. They tend to be a bit crazy.

I've spoken to my friend over there tonight he now calls it autumn weather, so it sounds like the temprature is around low mid 20's during the day or has he says long trouser weather.

Half hour drive out of the city should take you to some stunning scenery and Pula's fantastic beach

Sorry i cant be more specific with restaurants, but you will have much more of a chioce to go to. I did'nt find it expensive either BTW
Having been to Italy before, I know it's not a place for the faint hearted when it comes to driving.. but I'll give it a go.

The only place I've been so far where I wouldn't get behind the wheel - ever - is Cairo. If you go there.. take a taxi ;)


Talking to the locals... and you will see by the amount of women with sergical collars on that somethings not quite right. i was told the housewives are the bad drivers.... (this is not me saying this)... i was told the people can pass their test in 3 hours...!!!!???? and they get a big letter "P" to stick on the car for a while. But what worried me the most was that the teenagers have a total disregard to drink driving laws.. most of the accidents happen with local kids getting smashed at the restaurants/clubs and driving home due to the lack of policing at night. I did see daytime roadside pullovers... in the same spot. I rented a punto... had no power what so ever.. i felt myself shouting like the celebs in top gear with the star in a reasonably priced car to get up certain hills.... all the mercs and high end cars had been booked.

You can ask a local helicopter company that shuttles people to take you on a tour flight.. they dont advertise this, but its worth asking to get a good sweep of the island
BTW your hotal is fab...!!

As an interior designer... it's got lots a rave reviews in my trade mags
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I was out there working at Decimomannu a few years ago - fantastic place.
Cagliari is nice - some good bars thee to watch the world go by. As previously, watch out for the the local drivers - they are seriously mad. There is a main road in the town, by the sea, and they easily do 70mph along it - and it has brick type paviors, and is really uneven. To cross it, even by the crossings, you take your life in your hands. Italian drivers (particilarly Sardinian) also seem to have a 'badge of honour' as to how dusty they can get their cars - so they can hardly see out of them.
There are some good beaches further up the island with some rather attractive sights :)
The roads through the mountains are spectacular (and dangerous). There are shrines at nearly every bend, and sheer drops without armco.
When we were there, we were advised that there were still bandits in the mountains, and we had a strange experience (in a place caled Buggeru believe it or not) which seemed to confirm this.
So, great place, great weather, great people, and very friendly mozzies. Take your insect repellant.

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