Anyone else enjoying the classic F1 on ESPN?


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May 2, 2008
Living in error with Maude at Cap Ferrat
For the last several weekends, the ESPN Classic channel has been showing old F1 Grands Prix. Today, we saw Hunt's championship-winning run at Fuji in '76 (a race so treacherous that Lauda refused to participate, even though it cost him the title), plus four or five British Grands Prix from '69 to '78.

Epic stuff! To see Silverstone when it was still a lovely open and flowing circuit (i.e. in the original peri-track format, and not absolutely ruined as it has been in later years) was wonderful. Becketts was where it should be, as were Stowe and Club (with a straight piece of track between them), and the Abbey kink going straight through to the epic Woodcote corner. Ah those were the days...

There was one race from Brands too, which has (mercifully) changed very little over the years.

And to hear a field full of screaming DFVs and V12s - superlative overload!

And catch fencing too - :eek:.

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