Anyone had any roofing work done recently?

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May 15, 2003
I`m trying to get an idea of the cost involved in having roof work done on my house which is a typical 3-bed 1950`s semi detached.
The roof is getting tired and one or two minor leaks are showing - it had a loft conversion about 30 years ago so has skilling ceilings and a dormer window up there.
The felt has deteriorated and is well passed it`s serviceable life, i`d also like to replace the fibreglass insulation between the plasterboard and underneath the felt with something more modern/efficient.
So i`m thinking it will need a roof strip, felt and battens and re-tiling with hopefully the same tiles.
New tiles would be a possibility but several houses in the local area have had similar work carried out and kept the original tiles so it`s not definate that they`d need replacing?

Trying to get tradesmen to answer phones/emails or messages seems to be beyond their scope at the moment so i thought i`d ask here to see if anyone has had similar work done and wouldn`t mind giving me an idea of what the costs involved would be.
Hampshire, twixt Winchester and Southampton.

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