Anyone have these alloys on their W204?

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My 204 came on 16" which I upgraded to 17", removed a lot of the "wallow" of the 16's without destroying the ride quality. Personally I would not go any further than 17" as the ride quality would worsen dramatically. Also 19" tyres are a lot more expensive, there is increased chance of pothole damage to the rims, so IMHO 19's are a no go.
Not really fussed about ride quality to a certain extent
Pretty sure some w204 alloys are 18inch too?

Anyone ever fitted these wheels? Interested in their opinion or experience with them
Hi I only just seen this thread
I got the original c63 alloys on mine and no problems but the original rear tires looked close to the arch and didn't want to risk them catching if I'm fully loaded or anything so swaped them for 265/30/19


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Yes I have them on mine just bought it, they were already on it.
Best picture I have at the moment.


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