Anyone know this '96 P Sportline E320 Cabrio?

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I dont know it, but its been on autotrader for almost a year now, started off asking £16995 for it. Nice genuine car by the looks of it, shame its not got air con.
Yes, no AC seems odd on a v. late otherwise high spec car like this.
a/c is not really necessary ..

I like this one:

Being an anorak now but he should check his paint code. Aquamarine! That looks like Beryl/Teal blue (888) - identical to mine.

I'll get my coat
Comments & opinions welcome please.

Wonder if the rear headrests are stuck in that position? I'm Mr Picky, so seeing headlamp wipes that don't park correctly always stands out!
I hope your friend is female as I don't think blokes look good in these .......
I have a late 96 e320 cabriolet that is for sale - actually I had decided to keep it until the spring and then sell it but if someone is interested now then they are welcome to look at it.
Anyway it is a well specced 83k mile FSH e320 cab sportline with a/c, electric heated (memory on driver side) seats, cruise (but has never worked since I have owned the car and I never use it so never investigated), ASR, outside temp gauge, original 8 hole alloys (just refurbed this yr at Pristine) green/black metallic with mushroom leather.
Somewhere between £10 and 11k is all I can realistically expect in the current climate I think - unfortunately for me. It is really very nice and everything works like it should (bar the cruise control) and it drives very well indeed.

PM me if interested to know more.
Yes, no AC seems odd on a v. late otherwise high spec car like this.

When I was looking for one I was surprised how many do NOT have a/c or had had an after market system fitted. Remember though in the mid 90s a/c was only just taking off and most cars prior to that did not have a/c. Maybe thats why.
ive seen the top one before and wonderd why if they are selling it have they not made the rear head things go down (no idea how but im sure they look wrong)

the colour is not too bad but considering the colours these can come in then its way down the line

as for the blue one thats awful not even colour coded and a colour that would make my cat cry

ive been looking for a w124 convertible 1996 e320 in blue/black but gave up as they are so hard to find one let alone a decent one

could of got a million clks but nothing tops the w124 convertible
No, Cabriolet / Convertible ..... same thing ...
No, Cabriolet / Convertible ..... same thing ...

you sure, if the same thing then why 2 different words


1.capable of being converted.
2.having a folding top, as an automobile or pleasure boat.
3.exchangeable for something of equal value: debts payable only in convertible currencies. automobile or a boat with a folding top.
5.a sofa, couch, or chair whose seating section can be folded out into a bed.
6.Finance. a convertible bond or security.


1.a light, two-wheeled, one-horse carriage with a folding top, capable of seating two persons. automobile resembling a coupe but with a folding top.

Convertibles are known by different terms, mainly due to convergence of various body styles and also different marketing terms used. A soft-top convertible may also be referred to as a cabriolet, although two-seater soft tops retain the name roadster, referring to their body style. Hard-tops are marketed under the terms coupé cabriolet, coupé convertible or simply retractable hardtop.

im still non the wiser
Yeah , i saw that on Wikipedia too ...

Convertible points 2 and 4 = Cabriolet point 2 doesn't it ? :confused:

Same thing ....

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