Anyone looking for a nice W140 S500 Coupe?

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Feb 15, 2017
S500 Coupe
Hi All,

Selling my 94 S500 Coupe.

I haven't met the criteria for posting a proper ad but I thought as it's a fairly rare car it might be of interest to someone on here. Full details on ebay or you can message me for details.

I am a regular forum user but have tended to put my posts on Benzworld as they have a lot more W140 owners on there!

No not at all. Been a member since Feb but just not needed to post.
hasn't been serviced for 4 years?
I bet the Loom's were expensive, Nice to see they have been done. Glwts
hasn't been serviced for 4 years?

The car was serviced then not used for 3 years as it started running badly. Some so called specialists looked at it and replaced various components but it kept playing up and they stopped using it. I spotted it looking unloved and ended up buying it, I love a challenge!

I spent a lot of time working out what the problems were and then sorting them out. I now know a lot about W140 electrical systems.

The oil still looks new so I didn't think it needed replacing just for the sake of it. Not expensive to do an oil change though if someone wanted it doing.
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