Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

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I cant read that plate at all...... :) . Was that a pinhole camera?!
This is the full pic
2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante 🙂


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911SPY highly likely to be Jay Kay? He’s got multiple 911s and multiple SPY number plates
Seen any good ones?

Personally seen quite a few over the years; Steve Parish's Pen 15 :eek: (number plate that is!), Cliff's MOV 1T and ALF 1E :( (Not mine sadly)
I am highly likely to see Mr Parrish again soon so will ask him about the plate.
B16 BOY on an Evoque this week
JD is its "Whiskey"....with the E.
One of my favourite tipples to be honest.
Me too.from time to time, I do see two digit plates on Fiestas, Jazzes and the like, usually driven by old ladies?

You are right. A couple of months back in front of us was a newish, 4/5-year-old Nissan Quashki I think they are called. I can't recall the plat but it was the number one and three decent letters ie did not inc the letters x/y/z. I looked it up and it was on sale for over 250k. IMO, most of these owners want too much for their number, an unrealistic price. Anyone can command any price, but its market forces that dictate the price.
Btw, I'm a fan of private registrations but not the misplaced letters one as it looks very cheap, IMO of course
Tesco car park, Ingleby Barwick.


Having recently spotted K1NKY and G 5POT, I can now add R4NDY on an SL to that collection

saw another Mercedes DJ 10ZZA where Lawrence was showing how not to drive on the M25, and B 5EE U on a Range Rover driven just as badly on another section of same road

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