Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

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Hello this plate makes me smile, as my wife took it while getting a train to preston. Knowing I'm sad like this and take pictures of numbers..

However its also on an S211 like mine and even better 'almost ' my initials (SS) although would really suite the S211 E55 :)

'D3ANO' today on a beautiful grey Maserati in Soho and then shortly after 'DHZ 12' on a white Maserati Granturismo
With those British plates you have to use a lot of imagination to make anything out of that. Seems rarely worth the effort.

TILLY. Black X5 I think.

MAX 55. Blue C/E-Class.

GIDER. Seen this before (looks like CIDER). On a MB Cabriolet.

Sorry for the vague vehicle descriptions.
My neighbour has 'NA54 JET' on his black ML, I'll take a pic sometime and upload. Also saw 'BOY 10' on a BMW Z4 and 'CHP 80Y' on a 1981 Honda Civic outside a chippy in west London. But snapped these last night....



FCZ 8:


FY 7 on this new A8. Had a chap in the back being driven by a smartly dressed guy. I'm thinking it may be armoured or something, the suspension was right down, the tyres didn't look "right" when looking closer and the window frames were about 4 inches thick!:


JPL 47T:

1 PJJ Jaguar

I wonder what he would've thought if he saw me snapping his car like that!

anyway, quite like this picture, plate and the car too.


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