Anyone to set up Cisco router / adsl wic?

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Feb 14, 2004
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got a cisco router i was given :rock: , with driver CD and control cable and adsl wic. all brand new and not 'off a lorry' ;)

totally OTT for home BB - but hey, its free... :) :bannana:

But - i have nooooo idea on how to set it up - anyone fancy pickign it up and setting it up to act as a plug n play modem for a single PC?

not in a hurry - but this weekend would be nice ;) ;)
What model is it? I use a Cisco SOHO97 router, damn nice machine and you can do a lot with it. Most cisco routers that have ADSL interfaces have a Web set-up tool which is really easy to use - let me know what model you have and I'll try and hook you up with the instructions.

for some reason i think its a 7000 series machine (that might be complete b**locks) - its at home and im at the missus's..

i have read the instructions - but then again i have read the hiroglyphics on the side of the great temple of thebes - the latter made more sense...

if you can program the thing (aparantly its a form of C) then ill send it off to you...

I can give you a config to play with if you like from a 1700 series which should set you up for basic brandband ADSL. I was helping WLeg with something similar, although I have been a bit hopeless in setting up his VPN. :-(

(Sorry Will - call me and I'll come up and see you)
I have a CCDA ( A cisco network certification), and full access to CCO (their online resource library)... The IOS commands are quite simple and there are tonnes of online resources. U need a serial lead (D-type) to access the comms port on the 7000 series to set it up.. If you give me some more info I'll give you links to resources...
ok - back home now..

its a cisco 1720

i have a funny blue cable

i have a CD with it.. (documentation)

i wouldnt have a clue how or what to do with the IOS commands - i dont even know what they are... :rolleyes:
1. check that you have the correct cards and cables to do the job you want it to do..
2. Upgrade the IOS version
3. Look at how you send setup commands via the console...
It might be more than an afternoon job, but you'll learn loads about networking!

There are a few people on the boards who are Cisco trained, and all will be willing to help you out.

Couple of pointers:

1) Beware upgrading the IOS if you are concerned about legals. Unless you have a support package for the device you are not entitled to upgrade the IOS on it. Should you wish to 'bend the rules', some kind souls may assist. ;-)

2) Blue cable is likely to be what is known as a console cable. Should go from your serial port into the 'console' port of the device.

3) CD is something that comes with all Cisco products. Can be a very useful field reference and learning tool.

In order to tinker with the device, get the console cable connected between your machine and the device. Leave the 1720 switched off at this point.

Fire up the Windows communications product Hyperterminal (Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Hyperterminal). After some initial configuration steps, depending on your system, you should get a prompt asking you to name the connection. Call it something like "test" for the moment.

The next step should ask you to select the COM port that the cable is connected to. Shouldn't be too hard.

The next step should be port settings. Select 9600, 8, None, 1, None.

All things considered, this should be about all you need to do to establish comms between the machine and the 1720 (unless you have something interfering with the COM port like Palm's Hotsync or something similar).

If the 1720 is configured simply, it should allow connectivity through its console port. There are some configurations where it will not, but I doubt that they will apply here - really depends on where you got the device from and what it was doing.

Turn on the 1720, and you should start to see some Cisco information appearing with Hyperterminal.

If luck is on your side today, after watching the boot up process you should get a prompt that asks you to "hit return to get started".

Walking before you run, try this out, and let us know the outcome.

Will run you through the rest once you get this far.
Guy, what is your current home ADSL setup? Are you using a USB modem, or a standalong router for connectivity?

PM me some details, like network addresses on your home lan (if you have them) and I'll customise the config for you to work.
guydewdney said:
its a cisco 1720
Ok, a 1720 is commonly used as an ADSL router, so with luck it will have a WIC-1ADSL module installed in one of the two WAN Interface Card slots.

The first thing you need to do is access the console like scotth_uk explaind. Once you get to the ios prompt, type "show version" and hit enter. Then paste the output for us to see - we'll take it from there :)

hmmm - this sounds all really complex...

im a bit scared...

Anyone want to buy it?

My home system is a Dlink adsl router (902?) and wireless gateway. all pretty normal. all unused ports blocked. This was for a mate whos ultra-paranoid and uber-pooter stoopid ;) he has a adsl USB modem as supplied by (my BB supplier) - and he wanted somthing 'better'

I'm thinking a Dlink (or similar) firewall/router/modem from for 100 quid or whatever (prob less) will be less stress / easier to set up...

e.g. one of these..
You'll get very good money for it on eBay if it has the ADSL card (and any others).

To be honest, it will not provide any more general functionality for you in comparison to a generic adsl router.

I have seen plenty of the Netgear DG834G all in one devices (router, switch, wireless, adsl modem) recently for £69 and it should cover all of your needs well.

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