Apple in talks with Mclaren

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Elon Musk [ sounds like a John Paul Gaultier "Parfume pour homme" ] better watch out. - Or maybe not--- if running true to form future McLarens will run on unique tyres which can only be fitted by a McLaren shop somewhere that's "a long way away " at 3 times the price of normal equivalent. At least now Alonso and Stoffel Vandorne will be able to phone the pit lane next year to say "the cars stopped going forward- again" . ;)
At least going "round corners" shouldn't be a problem
So they're going to sell you something that already exists, but at an inflated price because it's "Apple" now?
Apple want to make an electric car don't they? McLaren's (or should that now be MacLaren?) Applied Technologies division produces very high end telemetry and control systems for many motor racing teams, together with extremely sophisticated simulation software.

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