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May 25, 2023
2008 Vito 120 CDI
Hi all.
So I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, if so then I'm sorry for asking again.
I have a Comand Aps-ntg2 in my 120 vito, which has the large cd changer and phone/ Bluetooth cradle on the dash. I want to replace it with an android auto system as the nav and phone is a bit......well crap really, but I'm a little confused about the whole MOST bus thing (the orange fibre optic lines).
Firstly does this version of the Comand have its amp in the head unit?
How is the Fibre optic laid out, does it just go from the Head unit -> phone cradle -> CD changer -> Head unit.... or something like this?
Then of course if I remove all of this equipment (head unit, phone, cd) will I need to do something to the fibre optic to stop the rest of the van system going mad and complaining somehow or is it a isolated system for the audio system only??

Ideally I would like to remove the lot and get an android screen that can do the lot and can be controlled by the steering wheel if possible (anyone know if someone like connect2 do a steering wheel control unit that would work with this MB steering wheel)?

Thanks to all in advance and again I'm sorry if its been asked before.

Hi again all.
So I've had a look today and identified the wiring on the back (fibre optic, speakers, aux outlet) can anyone help me with the centre block of 6 wires in the photo. What's what e.g.. power, ignition, steering wheel etc? I've listed the colours on the photos to help.

Thanks for everything.


Hi again everyone.
Just to let you know that I found a wiring diagram for all the values that I needed. I've tested them and I now have enough to move forward with my build.
I thought I should let you know just in case anyone was on the web researching and gathering info on my behalf.
No need now, I've sorted it all out.

Thanks again


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