Arch work, rot treatment, rolling and pulling.

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Dec 5, 2010
W208 CLK Convertible
The rot in my rear arches has started to show so I'm thinking of having it done and while the body shop is at it having them roll and pull my arches to accommodate some wider wheels.

Does anyone know a good bodyshop around Watford/st Albans? I'm happy to travel a bit for a good job.
I had a one of the chaps from Arch Enemy come out to roll my 124 arches. Did a blinding job on all four.

Arch Enemy

you'll have to sign a disclaimer which basically states that the engineer carrying out the work is not liable for paint chipping off the arches which may happen depending on paint condition etc.

But if you are getting your corrosion sorted it'll be better to sort in one go and then re spray
Have heard of Benzworx over in Essex very good at corrosoin and mod work give them a look
Thanks guys have contacted both companies and getting calls back today.

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