Are mercedes driver all -

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John N

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Mar 22, 2017
Peterborough. - (Scot on Permanent Tour!)
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When out and about I tend to notice other drivers with the same Marque, admire their P&J and either nod, wave or make some other sign of acknowledgement that I notice their presence! :thumb:

Every Weekday afternoon, I pass through the area of my local MB Dealership often seeing excited Test Drivers, Drivers that have just picked up their brand spanking new MB, and again the nod or other greeting. :thumb:

What do I get in return?:

Blank Stares, Dirty Looks, THE LOOK, The "What are You Looking at Face", Frowns, Rude Signs or the "Don't look at him, he's obviously Deranged" attitude! :fail

VERY Occasionally, I get the same acknowledgement in return :thumb::thumb: :rock::rock:

Come on folks, I don't care if you Nicked it, Rent it, Borrowed it, Restored it or Bought it outright - We are driving a fantastic Marque of Car, CHEER UP FFS! :dk:
You want a nod or a wave then get yourself a Land Rover Defender.
Get the **** out of here.

Just kidding. Could it be that on a test drive the occupant is driving a new car and so concentrating on that task and that task alone?
Flashed another 124 estate last weekend and received a wave. Don't bother in the c class because common people drive them ;-)
Mercedes has never really been a brand for waving from and to, except in 30s Germany.

Waving is a pretty lower middle thing, done by the sort of people who like to sit at your table at breakfast and chat to you.

This doesn't apply to most proper Classics normally get a much cheerier wave, except to Morgans (whose drives spend their lives waving to other Morgans). Old VWs, Citroens, indeed anything slightly off-beam.

If I waved to Benzes round here I'd never be able to steer. The only people who even wave a thank you when I let them in round here are driving Fords or similar and tend to be the older demographic. Courtesy has declined precipitously in the last 15 years around the South East.

I'd save your hand for steering, that way you can react much faster to the inevitably bad driving that accompanies far too many of the notionally premium brands nowadays.
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Used to wave at other SLK drivers when we had ours. Often got looked at like I was some kind of weirdo (which is probably fair enough, I do look like Zaphod Beeblebrox), rarely got a wave back.

For some people, owning/driving a Mercedes is special and aspirational. I feel quite privileged to be driving one. Others seem to think it's them that are special.
Whenever I get in my car it makes me smile.

The Jaguar was the car to be in if you wanted people to acknowledge you, they also seemed to let Jaguars out of side roads etc.

How many of you remember the days when AA and RAC members were saluted by the mobile mechanics?

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I don't wave to every MB I see, but I will wave in certain situations; for example if I'm driving through the lakes and an SLK comes the other way down the A591, they'll get a wave. If I'm on the M6 and I get passed by a C-Class, that doesn't get a wave.

I will try to respond or acknowledge a wave if I get one, but often I'm too slow and probably miss it.

In the same way I try to appreciate nice things like when you see a Ferrari in the petrol station. The owner doesn't want to hear you say "I bet that has terrible fuel economy", they want to hear "nice looking car, I'm envious of you" (or something complimentary at least).
Waving is a weird thing to do just because someone drives the same make of vehicle you do.

Motor-homers do it...still makes us laugh and cringe in equal measure.

It's not about being miserable just about being...weird.
no, don't get any nice looks driving a merc at all.

people just think drug dealer's car or he's got a nice car, must be a tw*t haha
Mercedes sold 180,000 cars in the UK last year with the C Class being the most popular model, surely it must get tiring waving at everyone you see?
I don't wave to every MB I see, but I will wave in certain situations; for example if I'm driving through the lakes and an SLK comes the other way down the A591, they'll get a wave. If I'm on the M6 and I get passed by a C-Class, that doesn't get a wave.

I live just off the A591 in the Lakes. Mine is only an E, but I'll happily wave back to any friendly MBers who want to say hello.
Audi drivers

I often wave and shout a greeting to Audi S3 drivers as they overtake and pull in just two metres in front of me as we go round a blind bend on single lane country roads.

Does that count?
I've never waved or been waved at in any of my Mercedes. A 210 E55 owner pulled up alongside me when I had my 202 C43 and said hello but that was about it.

When I had classic Fords I would get waved at, beeped, flashed etc all the time. Literally all the time, so much so it made the misses uncomfortable.

The Cosworths attracted certain attention but the most popular for it was my white mk2 XR2. It seemed everyone loved that car and wanted acknoledging!
I don't get many waves, but get the odd person at lights saying 'rev your engine' - but demographically they are usually mid 20's.

I wouldn't wave at anyone but there is a look you get from people that have similar cars, or AMG mercs.

Waving at everyone that has a Merc is just a bit excessive?
I was coming up the M3 last Sunday afternoon, just outside Southampton where it's 2 lanes, and I was in the inside lane, and there was a queue of traffic coming up in front of me.

I checked in my wing mirror to pull out, and saw an SL bombing up behind me. I sighed thinking he'd zoom by (as well as sighing as it was an SL and I don't have one), but he slowed down and flashed me to come out. I wasn't even indicating at the time.

Would a BMW or Audi driver done that?
I can't wave at all the Mercedes on the road there are way too many of them where i live. The only time i would even think to wave is to another SL driver but i dont see many.
There are 28,432 Mercedes currently for sale on Autotrader.

That's more than Peugeot (18k), Toyota (19k), Hyundai (10k), Renault (14k), Honda (11k), Fiat (9k) and Nissan (19k).

In fact, only Fords, Vauxhalls, BMWs and VWs are more numerous.

There is nothing exclusive about the Mercedes brand and hasn't been for about 20 years.

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