Arnott Airmatic Air Spring

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    My airmatic bag blew on a Dyno run last week, the 2nd time this has happened on two different dyno's in a space of 4 months. :confused:
    The feeling is that when the car is subjected to full power, when the operator lifts the accelerator, the reservoir for the bags has to work much harder to refill. This is not an ideal situation and so it was a few discussions with Paul (EC UK), Acid (MSL) and trawling through many forums to end up with purchasing the Arnott option. One of the main reasons is this Product does without the OEM reservoir.

    The company I used on ebay are located in Germany, Miessler Automotive GmbH & Co. :thumb:

    Cost was £812 for the Rear set including delivery. Mercedes wanted £629 for one! :eek:

    What was surprising is that they sent next day UPS delivery, from Germany :bannana:

    Will have these fitted over the next few days and update on ride quality etc

    I am no way affiliated to Arnott or Miessler
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