As camp as a row of pink tents

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Jul 22, 2008
Ford Focus TDCI
You have got to be a bit mad to drive this thing!

Aparently it used to belong to Robbie Williams (nuf said). :crazy:


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That is just just a waste of road space.
Goes to prove access to large sums of money does not equate to having taste or a modicum of intellegance.
I think it does the job, it's clearly something which stands out and therefore is the perfect advertising tool. Looks as safe as a trip-wire in a blind school though.

It's a Cross-fire for those that care ...
Mothercare still sell the smaller model:

Isn't that the same thing I have to push round Tescos?:crazy:
Whithin the Smart circles it is actually a very popular car.

Go knows why?
Its a smart crossblade. Or oddblade as they are known. As theres no roof, in the accessory brochure for it you could buy waterproof chaps!! ha ha ha
In some ways, it reminds me a bit of the old 1970's Bond Bug.
But that had character of sorts.
I didn't think the manically depressive tattooed roly poly ex member of man band "Take That" had a drivers licence?
They really hold their value too - when they come up for sale they're usually £10k plus, although to be fair they're usually low mileage.

There's one parked beneath a waterside weekend property in Cowes. Perfect for that I reckon.
I didn't think R Willimans could drive....

Thats not exactly going to make you want to learn :)
:O its a lovely car.

looks like a good example of a crossblade too.

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