"As new" SLK 230-value?

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Jun 16, 2003
I have come across a 1999 SLK 230 with a genuine 670 miles. That is not a typing error, it actually has only 670 miles. The owner's story checks out as to why the miles are so low. The question is- what is the car worth?
I am hoping the owner is not a member of this forum !!!!
It could be worth a lot less than you think! It all depends how it's been cared for.

Low milage like that is not necessarily a good thing. Cars need to move, engines turned, wheels run etc or they just cease up and the tyres deteriorate. Tyres and brakes can simply be replaced - but a ceased engine :crazy: :crazy:

If it's just sat in a normal garage and never been moved, engine started etc etc it could be a mess. :eek: :(
imadoofus said:
A ceased engine??!! That would give me a seizure! ;)

She's right though...


oops - what an awful spelling mistake - sorry :eek: :eek: - I blame the horrendous cold I've got, my brain isn't working very well - my excuse n I'm sticking to it ;)
the petrol will have separated/evaporated, any water in the tank will have started rusting it's way through. The brake fluid may also have separated/evaporated, the tyres may have flat spots, the battery may be shot, the aircon may need looking at and as stated the engine may be seized/damaged from simply sitting there. Just think about all the condensation that may have settled in the exhaust and other parts!

Or the car could be fine, let's face it most Fords start their life this way.
Because of what's already been said it's not worth very much. It's the old model, pre-facelift (lousy seats) and a lot of the things that go wrong with cars are age-related, so I wouldn't expect it to be necessarily reliable. I'd guess its "value" at about £10k. I saw old shape brand new SLKs going for little over £20k when the new model came out. But if I were the owner I'd ebay it. It's the type of thing they might get a crazy price for.
pammy said:
oops - what an awful spelling mistake - sorry :eek: :eek: - I blame the horrendous cold I've got, my brain isn't working very well - my excuse n I'm sticking to it ;)

Hope the cold soon clears up pammy.
Still thing the price would be around £13500 and would cost an arm and a leg for a service with 4 years being up and loads of things time expired.

Agree with eveything said above, would be much better with a well maintained high motorway mileage job, wouldn't touch a four year old one with no mileage with a barge pole, asking for trouble, IMHO that is !!
I think its only use would be in an MB museum, otherwise it will need too much work to get it reliable and roadworthy, for the reasons already given.
Agree with all the above. I've just bought a SLK 230 5 years old (facelift model), under 40,000 miles, immaculate condition and it runs like a dream.

Parkers website seems to be fairly accurate and consistent with what the cars are going for in Autotrader, and gives you a good feel for prices.
Thank you for all your views. Pammy- hope the cold is better ( ie it has ceased!) Prices seem to range from £13.5 to £10K. I take some comfort from the fact the owner is a skilled motor engineer who, I reckon, would know how to care for such a car. Despite all the dire predictions, at £10K I would be tempted. The owner bought the car in Germany and has not yet got round to getting the Certificate of Conformity which may class the car as a 2000 one. The 670 miles have only been clocked up keeping the car moving. It was brought from Germany on a transporter.
If you look around at the prices being asked for low milage models you'll see that it differs quite substantially from most of the book prices. While book prices indicate £12.5k for a 99T 230 with average milage, in reality these cars are still advertised and going from £11k to over £15k. Best bet is to check this car out as thoroughly as possible to eliminate many of the question areas others have highlighted here, drive it, see whats what!! If not this one then look for another low milage model - don't settle for a higher ''motorway milage'' car - you'll be hit with the depreciation of a really high milage car come selling time and you'll be a step closer to all the problems already mentioned anyway. :)
For the right price this car wouldnt frighten me off.Has it been garaged - sunlight/UV would do more damage than it not being used.Would need tyres/service but major mechanicals should be fine.A/Con probably the biggest worry.Obviously a thorough inspection in respect of problems related to the unusual history.
It all comes down to the price..........

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